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Our Mission Statement

Educational Missions is a nonprofit Organization registered as Reynolds Educational Missions Africa (REMA) LTD in Uganda. 

Our Mission is to provide effective educational tools and procedures that empower individuals and organizations to achieve their best.


Your Donations in Training materials (like books, whiteboards, projectors, laptops, video equipment, public address systems, Vehicles, etcetera) or Cash will help facilitate our outreach activities and meet the overhead costs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to unite with like-minded individuals, educational and religious institutions, governmental and private organizations to fulfill our Mission of providing nonsectarian education, plus educational resources to the good people of Uganda and beyond.

We recognize and support a vast array of quality educational programs. Nevertheless, at the core of our Vision is the advocation of a structured cognitive system that utilizes a mnemonic device, the LogicDie™. This system creates an infrastructure for solving problems, developing plans, and achieving goals while measuring our progress. We believe that the implementation of LogicDie's™ step-by-step cognitive processing system will vastly improve individual and corporate productivity, thereby, directly leading to wide-ranging human prosperity.

Positive Mind

Our modules offer opportunities

The Positive Mind Project will reach out to refugee host communities in partnership with UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Ugandan Government.

Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions

Education & training are the tools we provide to various communities. Their success is based on a common-sense approach to productivity.

Community Education

Our modules offer opportunities

Each area comes with its own set of unique challenges. The best solution is to provide education and critical thinking skills to areas that need it the most.


Our modules offer opportunities

Our organization needs volunteers to teach people how to develop plans and organize their thinking, placing them firmly in control of their destiny.

The LogicDie™

Teaching a step-by-step process through which an individual can take advantage of their intellectual ability and imagination to develop a planned course of action, enhance their critical thinking skills and achieve their dreams. This step-by-step lesson is presented through a mnemonic tool called the LogicDie™.  The LogicDie™ is a cognitive guiding tool that can help one manage their thinking and achieve their dreams with limited stress.


To Changia Africa Center

Changia Africa Centre is a non-profit community-based organization found in Nakivale Refugees Settlement Camp which is located in Isingiro District in Uganda with an estimate of over 138,140 settlers, this is about 200km away from Kampala, Uganda’s capital Centre. Changia African Centre a non-profit community organization was founded and is directed by Rusagara Eric Wane, with a goal of impacting other refugees’ lives with free educational services, poverty eradication teachings and life skilling programs.

Think To Prosper


More than 100 lives impacted by businesses running on the success principles taught through the LogicDie™.

Print a Book

Print a Book

Support us by Printing More Books for these young folks struggling with Education. Printing a copy of this Book Costs 5 USD.



Well-wishers sponsor children for formal training in Ugandan Schools to give them a bright future. Sponsor children for formal training in Ugandan Schools.



More than 3,000 youths and high school students have received the LogicDie™ lessons and book copies.

People Reached

Our Aims and Objectives

Educational Missions is established to be a charity whose primary purpose is to advance education and prosperity by fulfilling the above-stated Mission and Vision Statements.

Educational Missions policy is to assume a nonsectarian stance. We believe in the importance of individual spiritual development. However, it is not within our Core Values to dictate religious beliefs of any nature, with the sole exception of “Doing our Best.” Still, we believe that good moral character is a critical core value for the success of both individuals and organizations. Therefore, we have adopted and endorse the principle of, “Good, Better, Best – Don’t let it Rest, until your Good is Better, and your Better is Best.”

Educational Missions recognizes the importance of mental and physical health for the well-being of all individuals. Therefore, our educational portfolio shall address overall healthcare issues. We believe that individual health is an essential element for personal success and must be addressed. Our programs include teaching problem-solving skills that help to alleviate stress, a major factor in poor mental health.

Educational Missions is established to be a charity whose purpose is to develop social and public welfare by directly addressing one of the root causes of poverty, education. Additionally, from time to time, Educational Missions will join hand and hand with our associates to provide noneducational welfare services in an effort to meet basic human needs.

Educational Missions believe that protecting and preserving the vast majority of historical African culture is imperative and that we should learn life lessons from our ancestors. Nevertheless, we do believe that basic human rights must supersede cultural beliefs. Whenever cultural beliefs violate human rights then they should not be acted upon.

Educational Missions is established with a compelling purpose to provide to the public significant benefit through advancing understanding, by increasing knowledge through the educational system. We believe that our programs will transform education into wisdom and thereby benefit all.

Educational Missions shall unequivocally promote mutual respect, reconciliation, harmony, and peace between individuals and among states and individuals within the African continent.
Educational Missions stands firmly on the principle that all mankind have been born free and created equal, regardless of their gender, ethnic nationality, color of their skin, religious belief or sexual orientation. We stand resolutely with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Educational Missions believes in the order of law. We believe that laws should protect and benefit all citizens and should never violate basic human rights. We support changing and/or developing new laws and policies by conducting open and free public debate without fear of repercussion. We believe in a democratic form of government for the benefit of all. Educational Mission shall operate within the regulations provided by the laws of the Republic of Uganda.

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