Your Donations in Kind(Training materials like books, white boards, projectors, laptops, video equipment’s, public address systems, Vehicles, etcetera) or Cash will help facilitate our outreach activities and meet overhead cost.
Our Mission is to develop a self-reliant, holistic and transparent community of productive People through non-formal mind empowering education.
The Positive Mind Project will reach out to refugee host communities in partnership with UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Ugandan Government.
Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child
We identify orphans and underprivileged children from these communities and connect them with well-wishers who would love to sponsor them for a formal training in Ugandan Schools to give them a bright future.
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What We Are Doing

We teach a step-by-step process through which an individual can take advantage of their intellectual ability and imagination to develop a planned course of action, enhance their critical thinking skills and achieve their dreams. This step-by-step lesson is presented through a mnemonic tool called the LogicDie.  The LogicDie is a cognitive guiding tool that can help one manage their thinking and achieve their dreams with limited stress. To learn more about the LogicDie. Watch a video about the LogicDie
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Where we work

We are currently running “ The Positive Mind Project and School Outreaches” in Slum areas on Uganda and Northern Uganda Post war area of Agago Districts with High rate of Child Marriage, school dropout, poverty, HIV and limited access to government social services. The Positive Mind Project will reach out to refugee host communities in partnership with UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Ugandan Government
People Reached

Contact us to volunteer as a trainer. visit our shops for products and gifts

Our Team


Founder and Chair Board of Directors

Stan is a life coach, a cognitive psychologists who has researched widely in the field of cognitive empowerment. In his own words he says, “I am greatly honored that you are reading this. I have been blessed with so many friends volunteering to help us train individuals to become self-reliant through a systematic approach to learning that leads to action.

My Aunt Betty said, “We teach Common Sense, which is not very common anymore. “ Our goal is to move people towards self-sufficiency through education. We teach, time proven, self-help principles and critical thinking skills. We believe in empowering individuals by providing a systematic approach to solving problems and achieving goals”
Exec. Premier – You Innovate Club
David has worked diligently in building the capacity of young people in Uganda for over ten years. He is a Judge with Educate! National Business Schools Competition, participated in several national education events and very keen on coordinating community educational outreach.  He is the founder of You Innovate Club
Programs Administrator
Alfred is a compassionate, envisioned, innovative, service delivery oriented personnel with sense that honors responsibility.  Alfred is currently running a small scale personal business after serving at a top level with a multimillion organization in Kampala. Alfred is a good team player and loves serving.
IT, Web and Graphics Master
Conrad is an IT Enthusiast from Uganda. He is a professional in Website and Graphics Design. Conrad has a good heart and likes helping. He is currently working as a freelancer under Conrad Leonard Solutions a company that he leads as the CEO. 
Finance Administrator
Prudence is a clinical officer and a Rotaractor. She is passionate about women and children health. During her free time she reads a Bible, does community work and loves helping the sick. She also has a passion in Accounting and Finance
I.T Assistant
Samuel Okidi is a former Uber employee who is passionate about website and graphics design. He is the Founder and CEO of lax technologies and smart Ride in Uganda. During his free time, Samuel likes visiting and helping the elderly and needy in form of charity.  He also likes watching technology movies and videos.
Institutional Coordinator
Sisto is a Ugandan practicing as a clinical officer. He is passionate about how the environment around him changes politically and socio-economically. He in the saying “it can not be  for us without us being part”. Sisto is also passionate about public speaking. He is good at communicating.
Samuel is a graduate from KIU with a Bachelors Degree in law, worked as an advocate intern for Bwire & Kalinaki co Advocate. Samuel is passionate about working with the communities knowing that his efforts are helping to transform lives.
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