Conrad's story towards the fundraising of $2500

Conrad's story towards the fundraising of $2500

My name is Conrad Leonard, I am a Ugandan and would like to share my impact story after reading the Book “THINK TO PROSPER” by Stan Reynolds.

A big dreamer with so many dreams, reading this book was one of my dreams come true for it was a life change. Inspired by the title “Think to Prosper”, I took my time to read the whole book and understand it.

I have for a very long time looked for something practical to inspire me to do something and get a visible result. The testimonies in this Book motivated me the most to start. I started by making my personal LOGIC DIE and then writing down all my big dreams that I want to achieve one by one.

The Logic Die has become a master key to all my dreams that I can now see all of them on a silver plate just waiting for the right time to consume them, it gave me hope, I can see a very big change.

We all have different dreams, but the end result is happiness. In this book, one of my best Quotes from Stanley is “Happiness is NOT based upon the circumstance we face or the money we have, it is a decision we make every day. Some of the poorest people on earth are the happiest, be happy while you are busy making money, this makes the journey fun.”

After reading the book and getting my personal Logic Die, I took time thinking about what I want to be and where I want to be 3 years from then (when I finished reading the book). I thought about starting up a family. I then asked myself what I should do now to have a happy family then. I thought about making money to make the journey fun.

I started by making more research about Livestock Farming since it has been one of my dreams and I had already kept a few cattle and goats but needed to FOCUS more on to them to make a very big farm. I visited farms and got inspired in Piggery, I started my piggery project with One pregnant pig that gave birth to 8 piglets, I received so much joy for there was a difference being used to a goat giving birth to one kid, I now have a plus 8 on my farm. I see myself achieving more in just a few months. I can’t wait to share my testimony a year from now for there is so much I will have achieved.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve,” said Napoleon Hills.

Appreciation goes to Mr. Stanley for sharing his broad knowledge with us in his Book. Thank you so very much for not being mean on your knowledge.

As EDUCATIONAL MISSIONS Corp is fundraising towards printing new books, training, and retooling trainers (new and old), I would call upon all of you to support by contributing whatever small or big you can to support Educational Mission’s goal.

To send in your contribution please visit the website and click on the DONATE button to send in your contribution.

Thank you and may God bless you abundantly.