Nakivale Refugee Settlement Out Reach


Changia Africa Centre is located in Nakivale refugee camp, which has an estimate of over 138,140 settlers and is about 200km away from Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Changia Africa Centre is a non-profit community organization founded and directed by Rusagara Eric Wane, with the goal of impacting other refugees’ lives through free educational services, poverty eradication teachings, and life-skilling programs.

On the evening of April 7th, 2023, our team from Reynolds Educational Missions Africa, led by Mr. Conrad Leonard, our Country Director, and Mr. Tibeijuka Paul, the Country Program Director, traveled to Nakivale Refugee Camp. Upon reaching Mbarara district on the morning of April 8th, they were joined by Mr. Musinguzi William, a passionate member of the organization, and the team proceeded to Nakivale refugee camp.

By 11:00 AM, the team had reached Changia Africa Centre, where they were welcomed by the organization's founder, Mr. Rusagara Eric. They held a brief meeting to strengthen our relationship with Changia Africa Centre and identify how both organizations could establish a healthy partnership. During the meeting, Mr. Eric shared some of their challenges that they would basically need help with, including:

  • Improved educational facilities: He told our team that they faced a problem of limited classes as they tried to offer free education services to refugee children. He further explained how it was challenging for them to feed and provide scholastic materials to the children since their parents couldn't afford to support their education programs, which has greatly affected them since they experience a high school dropout rate.
  • Poor health services: He expressed concern that as an organization, they have tried so much to advocate for better healthcare for their community. This has been done through sensitizing people in their communities, and he acknowledged that so many people in the camp are killed by malaria and pneumonia. He requested that we could start by advocating for mosquito nets and clean water for their community.
  • Agriculture: Much as the organization doesn't own so much land, its members look at practicing animal crop farming as one way that could improve their livelihoods since they lack adequate capital to invest in better money-generating programs.

At around 12:30 PM, the team went on to meet the other congregation of more than 120 people that had come to attend our teaching about our "Think to Prosper" book, which teaches self-help principles. Its teachings are based on the LogicDie. We were able to give out around 200 copies of books to members and some to their leaders to share with other communities in the same camp. We also gave out LogicDie to help them in their learning process. It was a good learning and teaching experience, and the attendees expressed their satisfaction. We were able to share a few refreshments with the attendees.

By 2:30 PM, our team concluded their teaching sessions and had created time to mingle with people in the refugee community, took a few pictures during their light moments, and later prepared for their journey back to our offices in Kampala, using the night bus. By God’s grace, they arrived safely and sound, ready for the next outreach.

Although our team experienced a few challenges like long traveling hours, bad dusty roads, and language barriers, we are still grateful to God for having enabled us to have a very successful mission. We want to take this opportunity to appreciate each and every one.

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Think to Prosper with Edwin Twinomujuni

Think to Prosper with Edwin Twinomujuni

Educational Missions is humbled to host Edwin on Tuesday 8th Feb.
Edwine is a visual artist and a photographer from Uganda. He recently appeared on the front page of one of the biggest newspapers in Uganda #newvision
He is a young talented man with a big dream.
Art has changed Edwin's life, join us on Tuesday at 6 pm East African Time as he shares his story.

Happy 59th Independence Day Uganda

Uganda's Independence



Uganda gained her independence on October 9th, 1962. She was a British protectorate since 1894. At independence, Dr. Milton Apollo Obote, also the leader of the Uganda People's Congress (UPC) by then became the first Prime Minister and head of the government in Uganda.

UPC came into power through an "unholy" alliance with a pro-monarchy party called the Kabaka Yekka (KY), which had a stated aim of protecting the institution and power of the kingdom of Buganda. One year before independence, UPC lost the first-ever general election to the Democratic Party(DP) and needed the strategic partnership of allies to avoid another defeat.

In November 1963, Kabaka Mutesa II King of Buganda was elected ceremonial President of Uganda thus seemingly sealing the political alliance of UPC and KY. However, this marriage of political convenience was short-lived since both Obote and Mutesa and their following had differing agendas.



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Happy New Year 2022

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