Based on the LogicDie principles,

Our mastermind sessions are ideation sessions managed by individual clubs in institutions based on the LogicDie principles of problem-solving. Our Members map out key community challenges and combine efforts and tools out of critical thinking. These are solutions that can be fronted for business idea competitions at our Annual event dubbed the National Innovation Bowl. At this event, students with winning business ideas are linked with industrial experts, industries, and key stakeholders for internships, guidance, and scaling of these ideas. In return, we are able to deal with employment questions, innovation, and business growth in the country as students scale individual and group businesses employing themselves and their colleagues.



To promote learning and share of historical facts and documentaries

We run series of edutaining movie nights. Our movies are carefully selected to promote learning and share of historical facts and documentaries. We have so far run more than five successive movie nights and still doing more. It’s one of our Institutional outreaches to promote critical thinking for problem-solving.



Linking our students with other students,

In this activity, we link our students with other students of varying social-economic cultural backgrounds to foster learning and cultural sensitivity. Our students get to grow their network which is key in today’s global village. Our past international partner institution was the University of West Alabama and Clarke International University.



To help activate business ideas and innovations from students,

The national Innovation Bowl is Uganda’s National Innovation event for Institutions to help activate business ideas and innovations from students while still in School. They then get an opportunity to partner with successful businesses, industry experts, and organizations to bring their idea to life. This can help students to take classroom knowledge right while they are still in Schools into actual solutions that can change the world. The competitions start at regionals and in Institutions and select regional teams get the opportunity to present their ideas at the National Competition every December of the year. Winners take several prizes ranging from scholarships, educational items, cash prizes as funding for their projects, and internship opportunities with matching industry experts and organizations. This will contribute to deliberate job activation and a big solution to unemployment for fresh graduates in the country.