In a school outreach survey conducted through Secondary School outreach in partnership with Clarke International University in 2018, Critical thinking skills for problem-solving were highly rated and found lacking for most learners in Uganda.  One could wonder if it’s the cause for the growing rate of unemployment for one of the world’s youngest populations. This is why with the Help of Stan J. Reynolds the executive Director of Educational Missions Corp, You Innovate Clubs was founded to support mastermind groups on critical thinking utilizing the LogicDie tools in Uganda’s Institutions and Communities. We later found out we could do a whole lot more to support education.

You innovate Club mentors’ students in a club-like atmosphere with the support of educational missions corp. This mentorship comes with key support in the areas of formal and informal training. The informal support is training utilizing a mnemonic device called the LogicDie™.

The LogicDie™ provides a step-by-step guide to help one organize their thinking and achieve their dream. The training is supported by a face-to-face presentation, online webinars, a fully detailed book, and dice with every step explained on how to achieve the impossible and a whole lot more.

We also do coordinate limited career mentorship, sponsorships, and scholarships for those in formal education and need help.