Better World For All Children Sponsor Children to have better Education Sponsor a child for
formal education
Volunteers do not necessarily havethe time they just have the heart.
New Hope For
Near Future
Volunteers do not necessarily have
the time they just have the heart.

To develop a self-reliant, holistic and transparent community of productive People through non-formal mind empowering education.

A positive mind

The Positive Mind Project will reach out to refugee host communities in partnership with UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister of the Ugandan Government.
Practical Solutions

Practical Solutions

Education and training are the tools we provide to various underprivileged communities. Their success is based on a common-sense approach to productivity.
Community Education

Community Education

Each area comes with its own set of unique challenges. The best solution is to provide education and critical thinking skills to areas that need it the most.


Our organization needs volunteers to teach people how to develop plans and organize their thinking, placing them firmly in control of their destiny.
The Logic Die

Teaching a step-by-step process

through which an individual can take advantage of their intellectual ability and imagination to develop a planned course of action, enhance their critical thinking skills and achieve their dreams. This step-by-step lesson is presented through a mnemonic tool called the LogicDie.  The LogicDie is a cognitive guiding tool that can help one manage their thinking and achieve their dreams with limited stress.
Money Raised
People Reached
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Empowering Education.?

Well-wishers sponsor children for a formal training in Ugandan Schools to give them a bright future.
More than 100 lives impacted with 10 businesses running on the success stories of the Logic Die
More than 3,000 youths and High school students have received the Logic Die Lessons and Book copies
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All the money collected from selling the books goes towards funding the Positive Mind Project
University Out Reach Team

Our Target

University Out Reach Team was established in the year 2017/2018.
Our Target is to reach out to One million Ugandans and Impact 100,000 Lives by December 2030
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Sponsor a child
Sponsor a child
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We identify orphans and underprivileged children from these communities and connect them with well-wishers who would love to sponsor them for a formal training in Ugandan Schools to give them a bright future.

Tuition Fees in Ugandan Schools

  • Lower Primary (4years) Sponsorship for a Child in a descent Ugandan School Costs 300 Dollars a year
  • Upper Primary Costs (3Years) Sponsorship Costs 400 Dollars a year
  • Ordinary Level Secondary Education (4years) Sponsorships Cost 500 Dollars a year
  • Advanced Level Secondary (2years) Sponsorships Cost 550 Dollars a year
  • Vocational Studies (2 Years) Sponsorships Cost 600 Dollars a year
  • University Education of three years Costs on average 1,250 a year
  • Other University tuition depends on the Course of study.
  • Normal out of school mentorship and guide takes any support from in kind to cash support
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Take a Charity Vacation

Volunteer/take a Charity vacation
Travel to Uganda to meet any of the community members on our Positive Mind Project. Book with us to come for a charity holiday and vacation to learn the culture of different people, connect with Uganda’s nature and tour National Parks. All proceeds goes towards funding the Positive Mind Project.
Your Donations in Kind(Training materials like books, white boards, projectors, laptops, video equipment’s, public address systems, Vehicles, etcetera) or Cash will help facilitate our outreach activities and meet overhead cost.
Host a Dinner
Host your friends and colleagues for a fundraising dinner at your place or select venue and create awareness about our work, preach our impact, announce our target and raise items and funds to support our work